Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have this kid in my class who is pretty eccentric.  He's hilarious, but very eccentric.  He once wrote a letter to a substitute stating that the next time the substitute takes care of a class, the substitute should "root out the source of the commotion before unjustly accusing an entire class of misbehaving."
Anyway, yesterday, I noticed this kid looking at me.  When I'd make eye contact with him, he'd repeatedly raise his eyebrows and smile.  He later handed me this note:


After dying of laughter, I asked him about the "Snip snip" part.  He told me that he put that on there because I looked like I had just left the barber shop.  I told him that women didn't go to barber shops, and he told me that yes, in fact, they do.

My coworker asked me if I was sure that the drawing was a pair of scissors, and maybe the kid was thinking about vasectomies instead.

We've been busy doing lots of hard work at school.  Things like Iceless Curling. 

Today one of my students got a really cool package from Michael Jordan, complete with an autographed picture (a real autograph!).  When my class found out about it, they asked me if Michael Jordan was the half black half white singer that just died recently.  Sigh.  It's things like this that keep me using my "Top Secret Desk Drawer" a lot these days.



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