Thursday, July 26, 2012

Viva La...Informacion

Today a close family member had surgery at an openly Catholic hospital.  In a mark of pure idiocy, I showed up to the hospital wearing this shirt:

a spoof of the "Viva la Revolution" logo with Che Guevara:

I didn't even pay attention to what shirt I was putting on.  I simply wore clothes that made me look like a softball player (ifyoucatchmydrift).  I didn't even think about wearing a Martin Luther shirt to a Catholic hospital.  Dur!!  So my choices were to keep my arms over my shirt, looking really cranky, or have to look the icon that faced me in the eye and wear this rebellious shirt.  I'm sure Martin would have been proud.

My sister tells me that it doesn't matter, no one thinks about it and, more shockingly, no one knows the history of Martin Luther.  I was appalled.  Is she right?  Do average Americans not know this critical piece of world history?  He was a weirdo, but an inspired weirdo responsible for dividing Christian churches into Catholic and Protestant.

Please.  Tell me you knew this.


  1. I do know about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation (I think indulgences are a laugh and a half). I would not have recognized him on your shirt. As much as I hate to agree with your sister - I think she is correct in that it didn't make any difference. I would guess that maybe 1 person in a hundred would recognize the name of Martin Luther and maybe 1 in 1000 would know what he did.

  2. We didn't even discuss Che Guevara.

  3. I studied Luther and the 97 Theses in European History, sophomore year of high school. Short of someone studying European History or religious studies, this might go unnoticed.

    My question is why do you have this sweatshirt?




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