Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Shouldn't Have...No, Really.

In honor of the beginning of school, I present to you one of the best notes I have ever received from a student.  This is an actual note I was given.  Enjoy!

Hola Senorita Non-Mommy,

I am going to tell you five things I like about you and I am going to tell you three things that I don't like about you. This is what I like about you:

1. You help me when I need help.

2. You help me understand stuff I don't no.

3. You allways have answers to my questions.

4. You teach me new stuff every day.

5. You are like a part of my family.

Here are the things about you that I don't like:

1. Most of the time you don't bleve me at all.

2. Sometimes you get mad at me even thow I didn't do it.

3. When I am trying to keep the room clean you get mad at me.

But I still love you for how you are NOT the way you look.

Your best friend,


(This letter still makes me laugh to this day.  Thanks, best friend!)

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