Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Hairy Situation

I generally try to stay out of politics. The less I know the better. I know, I know. Not patriotic of me. But it keeps my blood pressure low and also keeps me from ranting about the fact that, apparently, no one reads the freaking constitution!!!

Anyway, there is one thing that I am willing to discuss in relation to politics.  And that, my friends, is the beast that we call Hillary Clinton's hair.  Seriously.  You know, you can say and do all that you want in the public eye, but image talks.  And Hillary's hair has PUH-LENTY to say.  Let's lean in and listen to its messages...

The above look says: "I am president of the Future Homemakers of America!  Would you like a biscuit?"

The above look says:  "My armpit hair is just as long.  And, hey, birds of a feather flock together!"

The above look says: "Would you like my recipe for making scrambled eggs in the microwave?  And by the way, these pants are HAWT."

The above look says: "Kids, we're gonna have to eat this cake by ourselves.  Uncle Joey didn't make parole again."  Name that movie.

 The above look says:  "My pants go up to my boobs!"

The left look says: "I will cut you."  The right look says: "I'm trying to channel my inner Martha Stewart."

The above look says "Power.  Femininity.  Patriotism.  I finally got someone to decently do my hair."

The above look says "I like to spend 18 hours a day writing curriculum for teachers that no one will use, but oh well!"

The above look says:  "It's time to wash my face, put on my most comfy pajamas and curl up on the couch with a glass of wine."

The above look says "Hoke?  Where are my papers?  My papers.  I had them all corrected last night and I put them in the front so I wouldn’t forget them on my way to school. What did you do with them? The children will be so disappointed if I don’t give them their homework back."  Name that movie.

This look says:  "Did you remember to put more wiper fluid out at pump ten?  Did you restock the coolers with Red Bull?"

Yes, Hill, your hair is talking.  Is this really what you are trying to say?


  1. This was so funny that I snorted!!!!!! Hilarious!!!

  2. ^ Me too. Especially the pants up to the boobs.



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