Monday, July 26, 2010

A real mom wouldn't have done this!

I've been taking care of my nephew, the Former Baby, quite a bit this summer.  He's a lot of fun!  I have especially enjoyed introducing him to the swimming pool and the wonderful world of swimming!  Swimming is so fun, and the Former Baby loves to go.  He's made a lot of great progress!  Today after he woke from his nap, we began to prepare for our daily trip to the pool.

So, being the stellar aunt that I am, I was totally oblivious to the weather.  I got Former Baby all ready for the pool.  We went in the garage, I sprayed that horrible, gross feeling sunblock all over him, and then...I hear it.  Thunder.  I go outside and look and sure enough, there's a storm.  It's not here yet, but it's coming.  I stand there and debate with myself.  Do I walk to the pool only to discover that it is closed and piss off the Former Baby by showing him the pool but not letting him in the water?  Do I take him to the pool, get in the water, and then deal with a screaming baby when we have to get back out of the water?  Or do we just not go to the pool?  Meanwhile, while I'm looking at the sky, the Former Baby has crawled into the stroller.  He's READY TO GO!!! 

Now, I have to go be the bad guy.  I try to explain the situation to him, but he's two.  He doesn't get it.  And he has giant, sad tears streaming down his face.  So...we improvised.  I filled the tub with cool water, he insisted on wearing his life jacket, and we're "swimming" until we have to get out of the tub because of the weather.

 Clearly I have a lot to learn!  A non-mommy at her finest.

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  1. He looks so cute sitting in the tub with the life vest!



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