Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sure, I'm paying attention during the meeting. Wink, wink.

I have been forced to go to a lot of meetings lately.  They are NOT fun.  I think my butt is seriously getting a chair shaped mark on it.  Kudos to you all that work at a desk job, I have no idea how you stand sitting all day long.

Anyway, these were some of my thoughts as I sat through meeting after meeting:

-I wonder if I could catch that fly using my mechanical pencils as chopsticks, like Mr. Miyagi? (I tried, and failed)

-I wish I had my laptop.

-How do you clean those Camelbaks?

-I wonder if Anderson Cooper would marry me on the condition that we didn't have sex? Probably not. I wouldn't want to do that anyway, just curious. Hmm.

-I wish I could run and jump into a pool like when I was a kid. I wish I could go roller skating again, that was fun. I wonder if roller blading (which I haven't done) is like ice skating (which I have)?

-I wonder what my last student teacher is doing now? She did a crap job. I discussed her performance and desire to be a teacher ad nauseum, I gave her tips, I gave her poor grades, and it just didn't seem to help.

-I wonder what would happen if I went on the all Whopper (the candy) diet?

-If my coworker doesn't stop smacking her gum, I think I might go postal.

-If I went to England, I wonder how much it would cost to go during Prince William's wedding? If I don't go to England, where else would I want to go?

-How does a baby get a Urinary Tract Infection?

-I wonder what I should get my relatives for Christmas?

-Did I throw all my Christmas light strands away last year?

-I wonder how many people have poisoned themselves by scratching up a Teflon pan? (I once had to throw mine away for something really stupid. I used a stupid wool pad on a Teflon pan. I had to throw Cancer Skillet in the trash when I realized how dumb I am.)

-I wonder where I should go to work next year? Hmm. Far? Close? FAR?

-I wonder why people insist on driving slowly in the fast lane?

-Will "The Office" ever be as good without Michael Scott? Will another show ever be as good as "LOST?"  I hated the ending, but spent many years devoted to that show.

-Why on earth would anyone pay extra for a fainting goat? Here's what they look like (I've never seen one):


  1. You don't clean camelbaks. Just buy a new inside thing for it when it gets oogy.

    Now I wonder what my master teacher is she's retired by now. Hmmm...

  2. At least you are thinking during meetings! Sometimes it's all I can do to stay awake.

  3. Haha, I should try writing down all the things that I think about when I am bored. Pretty funny!



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