Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yep, I've Still Got It

Scene:  Panera Bread.  A group of girls meets together.  As the group of girls decides to leave, Non-Mommy goes to pick up half a dozen bagels for work tomorrow.  An 18 year old cashier named Antuan, wearing his cap sideways on his head, goes to take the order.

Non-Mommy:  I need a half dozen bagels, please.

Antuan:  Well, yo, it's almost closing time.  How 'bout I give 'em to you for free?

Non-Mommy:  That would be awesome!

Other Girl:  Do you normally have to throw them away at the end of the night?

Antuan:  Someone comes to pick them up.

Non-Mommy:  So, I want a Cinnamon Crunch, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry....

Antuan:  Woah, woah, woah, slow down!  Why you gotta speak so fast?  I can't keep up.  

Non-Mommy:  Sorry.

Antuan:  [wink]

Non-Mommy:  OK, I want a cinn...a...mon...crunch.....

Antuan: [packs up the bagels] So whatchoo girls doin' here, anyways?

Other Girl:  Oh we had a meeting here.  We'll be back, I think we're going to meet here everytime.

Antuan:  DAYUM.  Good thing I always works late.

Non-Mommy:  I'll be back if I get free bagels every night.

Antuan:  Have a good night.

Non-Mommy and Other Girl:  Thanks [turn to walk away]

Antuan:  I'll give you all the free bagels you want.  Maybe I'll get lucky.

Non-Mommy:  Did he just really say that?

Other Girl:  I think so.  He's yelling something else, but I don't know what.  

Non-Mommy:  [Yells back to Antuan] Don't count on it!!!!!

*I've still got it (I say as I snap my fingers, and waggle my head).  Yep.  I can pick up 18 year old cashiers at Panera.  My life rocks.


  1. Take me next time! I want free bagels!!! Give Antuan a chance!

  2. this is so funny! I get such a vivid image of this whole thang, yo. Hope your free bagels were tasty! And next time, get a whole dozen...since they are free! I bet you could sweet talk Antuan into throwing in some cream cheese too :)

  3. Could you get me some of those free bagels?


  4. Now THAT is something to be proud of. You must be my neighbor someday.



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