Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Need a Walker

I take my nephew to the pool as much as I can.  We enjoy swimming.  This week, my brother in law has been in a very unpleasant medical situation requiring a great deal of pain.  My nephew has had a hard time adjusting to life without his dad and less time with his mom.  Today, he needed to go swimming to perk him up.  I had to take him to a different pool than I usually do because the heater was broken at our pool.

The new pool was cool, but the sidewalk was very scratchy and slippery.  I kept having to yell at my nephew to STOP RUNNING for pete's sake!  It's slippery! 

We were walking around, I was holding his hand, and then BAMMMM.  I fell like a rock and took my fragile little nephew down with me.  He didn't seem to be too bothered, but Non-Mommy? 


I fell hard.  So there I am, laying splayed about, when a lifeguard comes over.  Comes over to check on the old lady, yelling "Are you ok?  Are you ok?"  I was humiliated.  And, bleeding!  I'm completely bruised and cut up from the hip down.  I had to be bandaged up by the 18 year old lifeguard.  I'm all sore and tottery now.  But I definitely got back in that pool because the kid needed it. 

I'm not as young as I used to be.  And also?  Don't lecture people about running around the pool.  Even walking can take you down.

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