Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Which I Vomit in the Pool

This morning while swimming for exercise, I was thinking about writing a blog post about how much I adore swimming.  I was going to talk about how good my body feels, how I love the fact that all you can hear while swimming is the sound of the water and your own breath.  How when you get out of the pool, your body is completely exhausted and deliciously relaxed.

And then, while I was rhapsodizing in my head, James Brolin walked into my little swim pool.  James Brolin, in a Speedo. 

James, James Brolin, if that was you at my local pool, swimming in a tight Speedo, please.  Stop.  Surely Barbara can afford to give you a pool of your very own.

(NO, it wasn't really James Brolin, but maybe his evil twin in a Speedo.)

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