Thursday, March 17, 2011


This has been one rough week. Last week was the anniversary of my father's death, and I was struggling. I was very emotional.

Then this week, I had to work 14 hour days on Monday and Tuesday. Ironically, this was after the time change, which made this Non-Mommy very, very exhausted and cranky.

I have had to make testimony against a child, I have heard a child called a "pile of s@#t," a retard, and a "f@#$ing idiot" to their face and been powerless to stop the abuse she is enduring, I have listened to a grown man sob his heart out about the path his child is on. I participated in a lock down at school this week because of threats against children in the building. One of the large pieces of playground equipment collapsed with two children on it.

And then, there is Japan. My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow for these people and what they are going through.

My mind is tired. My body is tired. My heart is very sad. I'm struggling.

Thankfully, there are a few things that can lift my spirits. Since it's St. Patrick's Day, how about a few Irish things that lift my spirit?

(If you are a crazed anglophile like myself, you have to go watch BBC's Ballykissangel to understand this last video. Very romantic, sweet show, although I won't tell you why I stopped watching it after the third season. Well worth the watch, even if it is technically Irish and not British.)

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