Thursday, March 10, 2011

The cat, er, camera, is out of the bag

My sister, the budding photographer, had a big birthday coming up.  She was positively dreading it, so I knew we had to go big, or go home!  I decided to get her a fancy, cute camera bag that doesn't necessarily look like a camera bag.


I agonized over this purchase.  I mean, a) they aren't cheap b) I didn't know if she wants one that will hold only her camera, or one that holds her laptop and her camera, and c) my sister is what the french call



I mean, if it were up to me, it'd be either the red Lola, or the turquoise Clover.  No problem.  But my sister?  She's deathly afraid of color!  She might as well be Mennonite.  That might be a slight exaggeration.  Anyway, I had to pick one that my sister would actually go out in public with.


A few months ago, the bag came.


My friends, this baby is HOT.  Waiting for months to give it to her was torture.  It is Fuddy Duddy, yes, but it's also shockingly cute for its slightly old lady undertones.  And much bigger than my crappy photos can show.


Anyway, I am CLEARLY no photographer, but I'm ready to get a camera just so I have an excuse to have a camera bag like this:

or this:

The special day finally came, and it was only rained on slightly by the fact that my brother in law got her a purse that is even cuter.  But, you know, can that purse hold a camera and a laptop?  I think not!

It was fun to shop for this.  I highly recommend Epiphanie.  They aren't paying me to say this, I just want you to know - the bag is adorable, it came very quickly, and hopefully it will hold up well!


  1. It is a completely amazing bag. It's SO nice, and way nicer than any bad I would have ever purchased. Seriously, I am in love with my bag. You are the absolute BEST!

  2. PS I'm not sure what to do with the bag the bag came in, but I even love that pink zipper bag!



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