Friday, April 22, 2011

Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza!

I've tried to write this post a thousand times.  I just can't get it right.

I went to an Elton John concert.  It was freaking amazing.  A-MAZ-ING.  It was incredibly awesome.  If you will recall, I had purchased some very good seats.  Prior to attending the concert, I had made plenty of jokes about being excited to see Elton, and hoping that I wouldn't make a fool of myself.  But as I arrived, and saw Elton's bus(es), I could sense an animal coming to life inside of me.  And like a total geek, when I saw a window open on one of the buses, I yelled "HI ELTON!"  Yes.  I am that annoying girl that the people in the bus hate.

Then we entered, and I saw his piano.  And I lost my breath for a minute.  Then we got to our seats, and the excitement was building.

I'd like to thank the best optometrist in the world for what happened next.  You see, it was time for the concert to start.  I saw them pull back the curtain.  Given my eagle eyes (Thanks, Dr. Awesome!), I think I was one of the very first people in the room to spot by new BFF, Elton.  At that moment, a mania unlike no other took over, and I screamed.  Like, really, really screamed.  I'm pretty sure I screamed "I SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ELLLLLTOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!"  Apparently, I also grabbed my poor skinny sister by the arm.  According to her, I could have snapped that arm in half.  Also, she tells me that the people directly in front of me jumped and turned around in alarm, thinking something was wrong.  I only became embarrassed when I noticed that others around me were laughing at me.

The concert was incredible.  The man can sing and play the piano like no other.  At one point, he decided to get up on top of his piano.  He unsteadily, and very carefully climbed on top.  When he went to get down, he stumbled a bit, and missed the first few words of the song he was to be singing.  I wanted to shout "You're too old for this, Elton!"

He sang for three hours straight with no break.  He hardly talked, but when he did he was incredibly friendly and warm.  I spent three hours jumping up and down in shoes that were terribly uncomfortable, shouting and waving my arms just in case he was making eye contact with me.

After the concert, he came down to the edge of the stage and signed autographs.  I was so impressed by his kindness!  I thought he'd be all snobby and like "I'm stuck in this bloody midwest city!" but he was not.  I had no idea he would do autographs - he is a MAJOR star.  I won't deny that I did consider vaulting over all the people in front of me.  The only problem was, what would I have him sign?  My bra?

I left completely exhausted, but on cloud nine.  It was incredible.


  1. Sounds awesome! What an experience. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

  2. I'm SO jealous you all went! I'd love to have seen him but apparently it wouldn't have worked out anyway as I'm WAY too lazy to be as dillegent as what I hear you were with your computer and two phones in your hand to score tickets! Glad you all had fun!



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