Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Evil Twin

I recently found out that the father of a student of mine (from last year) told someone else that he saw me.  He saw me and I was "letting my hair down."

I'm curious.  Was I letting my hair down in Wal-Mart?  Or maybe on my way to church?  Or buying 400,000 cookies at the Dollar Store (for school)?

Because there has been no letting down of hair, literally or figuratively.

THEN, I mentioned this hair letting incident to another friend, who knows the father.  She tells me that he's been asking questions about me!  Knock me over with a feather, seriously.  I never see the man.  Never.   I only saw him last year when he picked up his child from tutoring after school.  I'm absolutely baffled.

So now, I'm dying of curiosity.  Who is my evil twin, and what is she up to?  Does she look like me?  Is she hotter than me?  And more importantly, is she doing evil deeds and secretly throwing me under the bus?  I need to know!

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