Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makes Sense to Me

Log this one in the "People Are Insane" file!

Last year, my mentee (as in, the young teacher I mentor.  Guide with my infinite wisdom.  Turn into a fine, upstanding teacher.) had a parent/teacher conference.  The mother brought a cat to the conference.

She brought a cat.

To a conference.

This poor young teacher is severely allergic to cats.  The mother let the cat crawl all over the table, and then let it roam around the room.  Being young, and afraid, the teacher didn't have the nerve to tell the woman she was allergic to cats.  By the time the conference was over, my poor mentee had puffy eyes, a rash, and was itching all over.  I had to go in and clean off all the surfaces in her room afterward.

Do you want to know why she brought a cat?

And I quote, "Well, if I left it in the car, it might climb into the dashboard."


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