Monday, June 27, 2011

Barthhhelona part DOS

I'm currently in the Twin Cities for a hellatious (sp?) family reunion with my grandmother. It's been non-stop since I've been here. And I don't just mean the schedule, I mean non-stop torture.

Anyway, I have some down time. My only two options at this time are 1) to stalk a friend at work and scare him to death or 2) upload more trip photos! In the interest of retaining a good friendship, I will share photos with you instead!

This is part two of my trip to Barcelona. On the last day, we decided to tackle this giant, gorgeous park called Montjuic. It is quite large and high, so you can see all of Barcelona below. We started there with sunshine and gorgeous views. However, as you will see, the day wasn't all sunshine and roses...

The castell overlooking Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea


The view was pretty fantastic.


It was so kind of them to put a sculpture of me in front of the sea, but really, couldn't I have been clothed?


We then began the long descent down the hill. My friend, who might be visually and directionally challenged (love her anyway!), insisted on going a certain way to get to the Museum of National Art of Catalunya. It became quite rural (read - devoid of human life, just two dummies wandering through the forest all alone) and we had no choice but to talk and walk and walk.


FIFTEEN MILES later (my friend had a pedometer), when we got to the Olympic Stadium and the flame, I said "ENOUGH!! WE ARE TAKING A TAXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I eventually found one and hailed it. We took it to the museum.


Looking down from the museum at the Magic Fountains, government offices, and the city.


Eventually, we limped back to the hotel, but not before adding a few more miles onto our already quite large walk. My friend wanted to go to the beach, I did not. I stayed in the hotel lobby and drank some drink that I have no idea what it was. It was strong, and the lobby was air conditioned. I was DYING to get back to good old England!

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