Saturday, July 14, 2012

I am offended for them!

I saw a Febreze commercial today, and it offended me on many levels!  I think all their ads are dumb without being offensive.  You can't tell me that if you fill a car with trash and then spray Febreze that it will no longer smell like garbage.  You can't tell me that a stinky toilet will no longer smell with Febreze around.

 In college, I had roommates that really felt that if they sprayed enough strawberry air freshener in the bathroom, it would hide the unmistakable odor of a twosie.  All that happened was it smelled like doodie AND strawberry stink. That's just the way it goes!  It made me want to hurl even MORE.

 But then, in true Olympic spirit, Febreze creates an ad about these guys. Watch the full two minutes - it does include the ad.


OK, wait just a cotton picking minute!  Yes, I get it.  Wrestling stinks.  That is the least of its repulsive qualities, but yes, sweat and rubber mats stink.  But should we really be implying that men from Azerbaijan stink?  I mean, maybe they do, but it seems very rude to me!

Second of all, should we really be using a small unknown country to promote an air freshener?   Seriously.  Did they run this by the U.N. first?

Third of all, sniffing a guy's cup is going to stink.  It may smell like passion fruit, but it's gonna smell like passion fruit and crotch.  Don't even get me started on the effects of spraying all this chemical crap around.

 And finally, really?  A potpourri factory?  A guy suggested this as a scent?   And this isn't scripted?   And, is that a compliment?  I think potpourri stinks.

So, in conclusion, I don't like it!  Stop picking on the poor Azerbaijan men!  And just accept the fact that candles, Scentsys, and air fresheners are never going to eliminate smell completely.

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