Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am

So yesterday was Dr. Seuss' (Seuss's?) birthday.  Now that I work with a younger grade and am on a massive hallway filled with first, second and third grade classes I am WELL AWARE that it is Dr. Seuss'ssssssssss (this is driving me crazy, I never get this grammatical rule!) birthday.  Apparently, there are rules when you work with young kids:

1.  You celebrate Dr. S's birthday.

2.  You wear stupid hats.

3.  You serve food in the cafeteria and call it Hop on Pop chicken and Somethingorother Kazoie Rotini.

4.  YOU MAKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM.  Both in the cafeteria and in the classroom.  And blonde teachers that hate eggs and the smell of eggs curl up in the fetal position.

You also send your sister an email that is exactly this:

If you didn't know, today is Dr. Seuss' birthday.  I have plenty of thoughts on this that I will blog, but this morning they served green eggs and ham for breakfast.  Before they could even do that, we had three different kids hurl outside of my classroom.  And then the other 600 kids tracked through it.

If anyone hurls green eggs and ham in my room, I might die.

Yes.  There were eggs strewn all the way down the hallway.  They weren't green, because the green breakfast hadn't even been served yet.  They were eggs a la vomit.  And then later, the surrounding classrooms cooked green eggs and ham.

To quote my mother, "There is a reason that he would not eat them in a box or with a fox."

(I'll explain why I'm a Fuddy Duddy about Dr. S's birthday at a later date!)

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