Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Confessions from the Twin Cities

This non-mommy has been one busy lady.  Between school starting and a trip to sunny Minnesota, I haven't been able to blog in some time.  While in Minnesota, I figured out a few reasons why I am still single.

Reason number one, I don't speak with a cutie accent like this:

Reason number two, I am in the wrong part of the country!  I am living in a land full of beautifully pigmented people when I really look something like this:

Reason number three, I haven't convinced myself like Mary Tyler Moore that I was gonna make it after all!  Now that I saw the REAL Mary Tyler Moore statue and threw my hat in the air, I know that it's time to start living and that I need to turn the world on with my smile!

Reason number four, why did no one tell me about this?!

Reason number five, I haven't been shopping for men in the right place:

Thank you, Minnesota.  You have opened my eyes!


  1. WooHoo!!! Non-Mommy's back! Non-Mommy's back!
    That was close - got my funnies fix before the DTs set in. Don't go away for so long again!



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