Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dedicated to my One True Love

You know, we were meant to be.  We have the same initials.  We are both intelligent.  We both have blue eyes.  We both love to travel.

Recently, Anderson has been concerned about me.

Major stress?  Swine flu?  Appendectomy?  The death of my father?  All since last September?  Yep, Anderson was thinking only of me, all this time.

"What can I do for my love to perk her up?  I remember how much I suffered from the death of my father."

"I've got the perfect idea.  Something that will add a twinkle to her eyes like my blue, blue eyes.  And by the way, when I think about Non-Mommy, I'm not thinking about anything but being straight and raising beautiful children with the blonde love of my life."

"I know!  I'll send her a birthday card.  I know it's months late, but I knew that this would be a hard time for her and nothing would perk her up like a personalized, autographed card from me.  Yep, I love my Non-Mommy."

-Anderson "I'm Not Officially Out of the Closet So a Girl Can Dream" Cooper

(A HUGE shout out to my favorite sister who arranged for me to get birthday cards from some of my favorite celebrities.  I'd also like to acknowledge my aunt who says that this might be why I am still single - I can't crush on gay men.  It does not compute.  I just can't resist those deep blue eyes and that cute smirk!)


  1. He is so attractive... How very, very cool that you got a card from him! Kudos to your sister, that was the best gift idea EVER.



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