Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I'd Rather Do

I don't get it.  Really.  When I watch football, I am not paying attention in the least.  I like parties as long as there are other people for me to talk to.  Pro games are kind of fun, only because there are more interesting things to watch.  I hate going to high school football games.  You are either frying like an egg on a hot metal bleacher, or you are frozen to the metal bleacher, hoping that hot chocolate will thaw you out enough to get you to the car.  The only good thing about football is visiting with people.  That's it.  So, I present to you:

Things I Would Rather Do Than Watch Football

Shave my legs

Get my teeth cleaned (maybe even a filling, that's how much I don't like it!)

Do my taxes

Put away clean laundry (does anyone else not like doing this?)

Listen to my crazy grandfather rant about how most people in this world are going to hell

Break down all the boxes I need to take to the recycling center

Cross stitch

The infamous "Well-Woman Exam"  (hey, I'd rather just get it over with, unlike a football game which can go on forever and forever and forever)

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