Thursday, February 17, 2011

Per Aspera Ad Astra

The late evening stars in the sun rimmed sky beckon us outdoors. With a mischievous point in her ears and a whimsical wag to her tail, we obey their command, my canine friend and I.

One week ago, it was -10 degrees.  Today, the mercury rises to 72.  The change creates strong winds.  We walk down a familiar path, struggling to walk against the fierce current.

The winds blow over us.  My skin sings at its first contact to open air in months.  No layers, no coat, just simple, calming wind.

A rabbit ventures out, wanting to see if the snow is truly gone.  I find myself on an unexpected chase, pulled along against my will.  My dog wants to greet an old friend, but the rabbit is not convinced it is ready to meet her just yet.

The wind continues to blow over us, bringing new smells and feelings to us both on this familiar, worn path.  Hinting at the change to come, the wind invigorates us.

As we go along, it is obvious that we are not the only ones that the stars beckoned to.  Somewhere, a child is attempting to play the trumpet for possibly the first time.  Teenagers sit outside, listening to music, laughing, their friendship a warm comforter against the slight chill in the wind.

We continue on the familiar path, the wind stirring up feelings and emotions.  Reminding us that things change for the good and the bad.  Filling my lungs, I fight against melancholy, attempting to put spring into every cell in my body.

Homes we pass give us glimpses of the small worlds of others.  Some closed, cold, vacant.  Others so warm and inviting you want to curl up in their home and soak up the joy.

Soon, all that I can hear is the wind in my ears, my own steady breath, and the excited pants of an old four legged friend.

The winds of change.  We are powerless to stop them.  Soon I find that I'm back home, back at the place where it all started.

Cold days may still be ahead, but spring is coming.  I drink it in through my pores.

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