Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Wrong Kind of Education

Once upon a time, an enthusiastic blonde teacher from the midwest was dressed for book character day.  She was dressed up as "Marly" from the very sweet book Miracles on Maple Hill.  It was one of her favorite books growing up!  She wore ski pants and a dumb hat with the ear flaps.  The enthusiastic teacher ended up looking more like a character from "Grumpy Old Men" instead of cute little Marly.

After recess ended, the teacher had her jacket on and was walking down the hallway.  As she walked down the hallway, she unzipped her jacket.  The problem is, the teacher did this subconsciously.  She entered the classroom and began talking to the children about the plans for an upcoming classroom party.  While addressing the classroom full of children, the teacher reached for the zipper on her jacket (remember, she had already unzipped it unconsciously).  She felt a zipper tag, and pulled.

The teacher thought "Gee, this is taking me a long time to unzip this jacket.  Does the zipper always go down so far?"

She suddenly realized that she had unzipped the SKI PANTS all the way down to the crotch.  With a classroom full of children looking at her.

She quickly and deliberately zipped the pants back up.

Was she wearing pants underneath?  No way, Jose!  It was hot in those ski pants!

Did I mention that all the children were looking at her?

The teacher died of humiliation.  

The end.

1 comment:

  1. I've probably told you this before, but ...
    NONE of my teachers were nearly as entertaining as you! I might not have hated school so much if I'd had a few of you during the more boring years.



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