Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Victim of a Terrible Crime

Before the blizzard snowed us in, I took my nephew (Former Baby) to our favorite place, the indoor pool.  We had a great time and I had to drag him out of the water when he began to turn an attractive shade of blue.  We walked into the family changing room, and I immediately noticed an open locker.  Strewn about were Adidas pants, a t-shirt from my school, and clothing that looked identical to what my nephew was wearing when we came to the pool.

Our things were everywhere!

My heart immediately stopped.  I didn't have anything valuable in the locker, but I still felt violated.  I also was worried about my car keys.  It was a cold, snowy day and there were very few cars in the parking lot.  It wouldn't take long to match the keys with the car, and then get my purse which was locked in the trunk, and then my WHOLE LIFE WOULD BE OVER!

I gathered up our things, and went to the locker.  My things were all there.  What had happened?  And then, I noticed.

The towels were soaking wet and balled up in the locker.  Someone had pulled all of our things out, used our towels, and then shoved them back in the locker.  They left my clothing all over the changing room, and left me with two wet towels and a Human Popsicle in need of a good dry-off and clothing.

Angrily, I used the wet towels to dry off the Former Baby and I, got dressed, and went home to immediately shower off someone else's skank.

Grr.  I bet it was James Brolin or Matthew Fox.

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