Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh, it is on now!

I love buying Christmas gifts. I look forward to it, think about it for months in advance, and usually have my gifts purchased early. Hey, don't judge me! I get paid once a month. I get a panicky feeling inside if I think "I only have three more pay checks until Christmas!" so buying early ensures that I remain the bubbly, happy Non-Mommy we all know and love.

Last year, my family suggested that we drawn names for gift purchasing. The problem is, they suggested this in like October or November. I'd already purchased my gifts! So, we decided that we would drawn names this year. Soon after that decision, my father passed away unexpectedly. This meant some big financial changes for my mother, and we all agreed that drawing names was a good choice. A $20 price was suggested. I immediately protested. A $20 gift is harder to find than you would imagine, and there aren't that many of us. How about a higher limit? We all agreed.

I agonized over the price limit, as well as only being able to get gifts for one person. I kept finding things that I wanted to give to my mother, brother in law...everyone! But, I am nothing if not a rule follower. I carefully selected something for my sister and eagerly placed my one gift under the tree.

Christmas was good. It was hard without my dad. We all miss him terribly. It just felt a little more sad knowing he wasn't with us. Gift exchange time came. I gave my sister the one gift I had purchased. I was happy. And then, gifts started coming to me.

They were coming...

and coming...

and coming!!

WAIT A SECOND! I thought we were drawing names? What about the rules? And the price limit? Don't get me wrong, I loved each thing that I was given. But I felt like the cheap chump compared to everyone else. Granted, some of the gifts were of a sentimental nature in memory of my dear father. But I would have loved to give more to my family members.

I love buying things for the people I love. I even love wrapping the gifts. I'm fairly certain that I enjoy gift giving more than anyone else in the family, so the fact that I was the only rule follower stung a little.

It is on, family. It is on. You are going to have gifts coming out of your ears by the time I am done with you.

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am the mother and I make the rules. Not you. So ha ha on you.



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