Friday, December 17, 2010

This could be why I'm still single

I have a dirty little secret.  Something I like to hide.  Something that I am going to admit publicly for the first time.

I'm addicted to Cuddl Duds.

You might want to avert your eyes.  Or, sing "Boom, chicka wah wah!"

In my defense, I have a job that requires me to stand on an arctic wasteland day in and day out.  With a whistle frozen to my lips, I'm expected to monitor the safety of hundreds of children.  Without an extra layer hidden under my clothes, I'm useless.  I'm a little bit like Kate Gosselin in this episode where she is supposed to be camping with Sarah Palin:

Video removed due to obnoxious talking ads that scared me!

So, Cuddl Duds it is.  They are so silky.  So warm.  So snuggly.  They help me find my happy place.  Plus, they are just soooo sexy.

I'm too sexy for lined pants, too sexy for lined pants
too sexy for cold rants
And I'm too sexy to shiver, too sexy to shiver (the fear of cold makes me quiver)

I'm a model, you know what I mean
and I do my little turn on the playground
Yeah on the playground, on the playground yeah
I shake my little toosh on the playground

(Disclaimer:  I don't wear these all the time, I don't really show them off, and there is definitely no shaking of any body part on the playground - except, of course, on days when I forget my Cuddl Duds). 

1 comment:

  1. I can't find long underwear that accommodates my short butt and my gangly legs. Both pairs have a crotch a mile long and legs about a foot long. It's utterly ridiculous. I guess I'm supposed to pull my short johns up to my boobs while my calves freeze.

    It's better than nothing, but I really wish some Cuddl Duds would show up at our local thrift store.



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